Parkcliffe’s Staff

The heart and soul of Parkcliffe Community is our staff.  We care for your loved one with the values you do—kindness, compassion, respect, and dignity.  We choose this responsibility with passion and commitment.

Parkcliffe’s knowledgeable staff recognize changes in behavior and function as expected symptoms of memory loss and dementia. Their observations and suggestions hinge on constant assessment and observation, proven methods, and our network of relationships–with each resident, family, medical provider, therapist, and co-workers.


Parkcliffe’s dementia training never stops. We use outside consultants, accredited online coursework, on-the-job, and group training sessions.  Over our 25+ years, we have developed volumes of techniques, skills, observations and articles proven to be effective in real practice. Training programs and materials are ongoing and constantly expanded. We pride ourselves on providing the most extensive dementia training in the area.

Knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate support.

Both Parkcliffe Community neighborhoods offer frequent education and support groups to help cope with obstacles and the toll of dementia. All groups are open to the public. They are intended to help better understand the disease and how to best prepare for the present and future. Topics span a broad range and are tailored to the current needs of the group.

Also, Parkcliffe’s staff provides ongoing feedback about noticed changes so that Individual Programs are kept up-to-date and effective. Staff are always available for one-on-one collaboration, clarification, and emotional support. They aim to share their knowledge and experience to provide residents, and you, peace of mind.