Meaningful Activities of Life

Activities at Parkcliffe go way beyond bingo and outings. We have those too, but no person is alike. Not everyone derives the same satisfaction from group activities. Rather, we integrate “activities” into an all-encompassing individualized program of care and services. The goal of all Individual Programs, at each stage of dementing illness, is to preserve each resident’s independence. We accomplish this by learning each person’s likes, dislikes, habits, strengths, and special needs. We combine that intimate knowledge with our therapeutic methods that benefit individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementing conditions.

Therapeutic Benefits of Activities of Life


An Individual Program is created with input from the resident, his or her family, clinicians, and Parkcliffe’s support staff. Together, they construct a flexible, all-encompassing care plan that focuses on the resident’s social and physical needs. The Individual Program is a guiding light for our approaches to care; it is constantly evolving as resident’s abilities may change on a daily or hourly basis.

Individual Programs allow dressing, bathing, grooming, exercise, and meals to remain as intimate and personal activities in one’s own life. We help people derive the satisfaction that comes from succeeding despite illness. Familiar and routine activities of daily living preserve ability, autonomy and self-expression. Each person’s disease process is unique.  Individual Programs ensure that your loved one’s ever-changing physical and emotional needs are consistently met.

Individual Programs require constant adjustment and input from family, members of the care team, and foremost, the individual him-or-herself.  Your family’s collaboration will enhance your loved one’s sense of belonging, choice, and personal fulfillment.  We welcome and rely upon your participation in its development and evolution.