Parkcliffe Community provides personal care and living assistance for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.  A resident’s Level of Care and Individual Program are based on social, cognitive and functional assessments that precede moving into Parkcliffe. Upon living at Parkcliffe, care managers and other hands-on staff constantly monitor and adjust resident’s Individual Plans as care needs increase with the natural progression of dementing illness.

During significant transitions, staff may suggest a “Family Meeting” so that Individual Programs are thoroughly adapted to a resident’s current and future needs. During meetings, staff will review observations and assessment tools to help families understand the complex needs that accompany each stage of dementia. They may refer to the levels and assessment chart below.

  • Assisted Care accommodates moderate stage individuals, or those assessed at Level I or II.
  • Intermediate Care serve severely demented residents, or those at a Level II or III.
  • Advanced Care serves very severe or end-stage individuals, or those at Level IV.